the world home.

Travel brings the world together - especially in times of need. While we may not be free to wander the globe, we can reminisce about our favorite trips or our dream adventures.


Bring the world home by sharing your favorite WANDER memory for a chance to win customized travel-inspired merchandise from BlueWander.

We believe that travel changes the world and that travel matters not only for travelers, but especially to the indigenousness and rural communities around the world that rely on curious travelers for tourism dollars. 

Over the next several weeks, BlueWander and our social media partners will encourage our followers to share their favorite travel memory and commit to traveling to a new exciting destination when the world opens back up.

our goal:

To bring the world closer together by sharing why travel matters as a reminder that we only have this one planet that we call home.


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10.4% ($8.8 Trillion) of global economy

319 Million jobs, one in five new

jobs in 2018

Travel & Tourism industry has twice as

many female employers as other sectors  

55% of global travelers today care about

impact & sustainability

the impact

of travel

Have a story or know someone who might have one to inspire others ?

Over the next several weeks, we'll be featuring the most inspiring stories from wanderers across the globe. Share your story today for a chance to win BlueWander travel merchandise.

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